Hill's Science Diet Senior Vitality Adult Dog 7+

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Hill's Science Diet Senior Vitality is scientifically developed to work with your 7+ aged dog’s biology. Our breakthrough formula helps improve your senior small & mini dog's everyday ability to get up & go.

Improve your older small breed dog’s everyday ability to get up and go with Hill’s Science Diet Senior Vitality Small & Mini dog food. This delicious dry dog food is made with a proprietary blend of quality ingredients to support brain function, interaction, energy and vitalit y. It ’s easy for your mature dog’s stomach to digest, and also in cludes clinically proven antioxidants, vit amins C+E, for a healthy immune system. Formulated with ingredients to support heart health.Scientifically developed for small breed dogs age 7 and older, try this breakthrough senior dog food for your aging pet.

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