Nothin To Hide Rawhide Alternative Dog Treat Small Rolls Beef 5 Inch 2 Pack 90g

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Nothin To Hide Small Roll Beef Treats For Dogs Are A Safe Healthy Alternative To Traditional Rawhide Treats
Delicious, safe, and highly digestible chews for all dogs to enjoy
Quality Ingredients

Contains high quality, natural ingredients including ethically sourced, human-grade beef hide
The beef is grass fed and free-range – no antibiotics or growth hormones are used
Tapioca is a great alternative to potato and other fillers, and is rich in iron, manganese, and calcium
Contains no carbohydrate fillers such as starch, rice or flour
Hard Texture & High Palatability

The treats are rough, tough and chewy – provides tasty, long lasting enjoyment for your pal
They are coated in a delicious gravy, made from real beef meat, to make them irresistible to all dogs
Your pooch will love the tube shape to hold between their paws while chewing
Made With Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is shown to promote healthy bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, skin and fur
It can also help maintain lean muscle mass and support digestion
The beef hide is ground into powder form and cooked at high temperatures to create Hydrolyzed Collagen
The collagen is the same grade that is used in vitamins and supplements
A Safe Alternative To Rawhide

Traditional rawhide is a by-product of the leather industry and is highly processed with chemicals and preservatives
Rawhide can swell in a dog’s stomach and present as a choking or blocking hazard
Rawhide has poor digestibility and is very hard for a dog’s stomach to break down
In lab tests, Nothin To Hide treats were ranked with an “Excellent” 96.77% digestibility rating, compared to 35% for traditional rawhide treats
Safe for teething puppies – chewing on treats is great for easing gum discomfort and distracts your puppy from chewing things around the home
Precise Production Process

The treats are made in a processing facility with GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) accreditation
First the beef hide is ground into powder form and cooked at a high temperature – this transforms it into Hydrolyzed Collagen
The collagen is then mixed with other ingredients and ground into a paste
The paste is shaped into various shapes
A protein gravy is applied to each chew to make it extra tasty
The treat is then oven baked for several hours
Each product is inspected several times by veterinarians to ensure it is of premium standards and safe for your dog
Dental Health

Chewing on rough, durable treats creates a natural abrasive action of your dog’s teeth and gums rubbing against the hard surface
This abrasive action, in combination with a production of saliva, can support good oral health and fresh breath
Company’s Goodwill Values

The company give back to the community by supporting charities and organisations
One key organisation that the company support is ‘K9 For Warriors’
The company also draw upon 100% Solar Power in their production facility
Water used in the creation of the products is reclaimed, filtered and used to irrigate local farmlands

13cm length x 2.5 - 3cm width
Choose The Right Chew

It is important to select the correct size chew based on the size of your dog
It is best to select a chew that is larger than your dog’s mouth
Dog Weight

Recommended Chew Type

Up to 7kg

Twist Stix
Rings & Bones
Up to 11kg

5” Rolls
Up to 16kg

5” Rolls
Flip Chips
Up to 23kg

10” Rolls
Flip Chips
Over 23kg

10” Rolls

Supervise your dog when chewing treats
Remove small pieces of the treat if they present as a choking hazard
When the coating of the chew becomes wet, it may come off and discolour light-coloured carpets
It is best for your dog to chew the treat on tiled or wooden floors or in their crate

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