Chicken Food Delivered

Have Your Chicken Food Delivered in Wollongong Shellharbour and Kiama

A chicken will typically eat about 300-400g of commercial chicken food (mixed grain or pellets) per day. That’s a 20kg Bag of chicken food every week.  If you have plenty of food scraps and lots of greens you can add that to your chicken food, then about 200g a day is fine.  The Petfood Warehouse in Warrawong has plenty of bulk chicken food for you to choose from.  They also offer click & collect or home delivery throughout the Wollongong area, Shellharbour area and Kiama area.

If you have chickens at home in Wollongong or Kiama and need to buy large 20kg bags of chicken food.  Instead of lugging them home, The Petfood Warehouse now home delivers. You can get your chicken food home delivered in the Wollongong and Kiama area.

Check out the chicken food range at The Petfood Warehouse and spend over $89.99 for free home delivery of your chicken food.  The chicken food on offer included chicken starter and pullet grower for your young chicks, as well as layer mash, crumble, scratch mixes and layer pellets.

The chicken food brands that we sell at The Petfood Warehouse include Red Hen, Xtra Egg, Laucke Mills, Barastock, Auntie Kate’s, Avigrain & Vella.  There is plenty of variety of chicken food for you to choose from. It is simple to order your chicken food online to organise a click and collect or have a home delivery to Wollongong or Kiama and everything in between. 

The team at The Petfood Warehouse are always introducing new products and have shell grit, poultry wormers, feed containers and medications for your backyard chickens. All these products can be added to your home delivery. 

You are welcome to come into our store to check out all the different products for your chickens as well as any other pets from your household.

Please feel free to contact John and his team at The Petfood Warehouse if you have any questions about your chicken food and delivery to your home in Wollongong Shellharbour and Kiama.


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