Why does your Pet dog run around in a Circle?

Why does your Pet dog run around in a Circle?

 Have you ever noticed your Pet dog randomly start to run in a Circle?

If you have, it might not be a cause for concern.  It is possible, when your Pet dog runs in a Circle that it is a symptom of an illness or a behaviour related problem.

If you are concerned about your Pet running around in a Circle, you need to monitor your Pet dog’s behaviour. Maybe video your Pet dog doing the Circle running.

 Some people call your Pet dog running in a Circle as “Zoomies”.  Zoomies refer to explosions of frantic energy built up in your Pet dogs system, which is released in a big burst when they madly run in a Circle.

 This act of your Pet dog running in a Circle can happen at certain times of the day, or after a specific event.  Some Pet dogs run crazy in a Circle after a bath or when visiting the vet.  

 Normally younger Pet dogs or Puppy’s will display this often amusing act of running in a Circle.  It is typically a natural behaviour and should not cause too much concern.  Please ensure that when your Pet dog does this crazy Circle running, that there is plenty of space around them, so they do not injure themselves.

 Zoomies can cause a path of destruction.  Your Pet dog doing zoomy Circles can be oblivious to it’s surroundings.  The path of the Circle can be created by your Pet bursting into what seems to be a crazy uncontrollable spurt of energy.  Your Pet dog can knock over chairs, tables, vases off tables basically anything in it’s way while running in the Circle.

 We don’t actually know the real reason your Pet dog does the Circle running. We do know that it is typically during periods of time when your Pet dog is full of energy they can abruptly run in a Circle.  This can occur if your Pet dog has had little exercise or has been locked away for a period of time.

 Our recommendation is to ensure your Pet dog is getting plenty of regular exercise, fresh water and a premium petfood diet.  We at The Petfood Warehouse do carry products to reduce stress and anxiety in your Pets. Please feel free to talk to us.

 If you are concerned that your Pet dog is running too many Circles too often, please document it’s actions and discuss options with your vet.


 Cheers & Stay Safe



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