Anipal Dog Treats Grow & Train Puppy Dental Stick 160g

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Help support growth & development in your puppy with our soft, chewy, tasty, plant based dental sticks. High in organic, Australian seaweed protein, Algal Omega 3 DHA, calcium, flaxseeds and scientifically backed ingredients to support dental health, growth & brain health, while also aiding trainability. Teach your puppy to sit, stand and shake in no time!

Triple Action: tasty active ingredients including DHA & EPA (Omegas) to boost brain development, calcium for healthy bone growth and safe active dental ingredients to nourish & clean teeth


When to use

– As a gentle abrasion to clean the teeth, reduce plaque and tartar build up, and support healthy gums
– For added growth & development health benefits
– As a training tool

What does the science say?

Hypoallergenic, organic, Australian seaweed
Also referred to as THE KING OF FIBRE, our seaweed includes all essential amino acids as well as naturally occurring micronutrients to support overall pet wellbeing, including brain health, metabolism, digestive health, and skin health. A sustainable, delicious & hypoallergenic alternative to animal proteins.

An important mineral for growth, supports strong, growing bones and teeth

Algal omega rich DHA & flaxseeds
Contain anti-inflammatory fatty acids beneficial for brain health & trainability

Active dental ingredients: Seaweed, Zinc sulphate and Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Seaweed, Zinc and Sodium may support dental health by restricting plaque and therefore tartar from depositing on teeth and inhibiting bacterial growth or malodour in the mouth, which causes bad breath and keeps gums in good condition

Feeding guide

Administer 1 stick daily
For puppies over 2kg and from 12 weeks old

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