Aqua One Goldfish Flake Food Economy 1kg Bulk Bag

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Aqua One Goldfish Fish Food Flakes 1kgDesigned and formulated to be fed on a daily basis. The highest quality ingredients, high in vitamins and minerals help fish to thrive, maintain colours and promote good health. Highly digestible with a good mixture of fish meal and crustacean helps reduce waste levels. Suitable for most coldwater species including Goldfish, Shubunkins, and small fancy varieties.Features:High in vitamins and minerals to ensure complete nutritional requirements.Highly digestible to help cut down on fish waste.A complete and balanced diet
Ideal for:Coldwater species including Goldfish, Shubunkins, small fancy varieties, and small KoiFeeding Suggestions:Feed only the amount your fish will completely consume within a few minutes.

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