Avi One Egg & Biscuit

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Avi One Bird Food range uses only the highest quality ingredients, boosted with added vitamins and minerals.
Australian sourced and packaged, our highly palatable range offers the best nutrition for your feathered friend!

INGREDIENTS Biscuit crumbs, Egg powder, Breadcrumbs, Soy Powder, Calcium, Poppy Seeds, Wholemeal flours.

Protein 15.0%
Calcium 1.5%
Fats 5.0%
Fibre 5.0%

Features & Benefits:

Egg & Biscuit is an ideal feed supplement for all caged birds, which can be used all year round.
A well-balanced supplement that has been formulated to provide the high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals required in a birds diet, especially during breeding season.
During breeding season, Egg & Biscuit is a very important part of your birds diet. The protein supplement is beneficial in assisting egg quality and chick health.
Egg Powder is used instead of real egg to prevent the potential for Salmonella to be present.
Poppy seeds are used in our mix as it is a premium quality source of essential Omega 3 fats.
Egg & Biscuit Mix can be fed as a dry or wet mix.
Packaged in stand up tear off seal and zip lock resealable pouch bag will keep bird food fresher for longer.
Available in two sizes.
Suitable for: Birds

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