Hound & Soul Dog Coat Conditioning Mist Spray Insane Candy Cane 125ml

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Let's face it, Dogs can get pretty stinky between baths, which means cuddling with them sometimes means holding your breath. Don't shy away from giving your precious pooch the love they deserve. Beat the stink with a spritz of Hound & Soul! Driven by the love we have for our own fur babies, Hound & Soul have developed a dog fragrance that caters to doting pup parents. Safe, easy to use, infused with natural detangling properties and delivering a refreshing scent with hints of lemon and orange sherbet, Hound & Soul battles smelly odors to have your puppy pal smelling their best.

You wake up to a light pepperminty scent with a touch of spice wafting up your nostrils. Did you wake up in a gingerbread house? Did you have a stroke? Wait, that's burnt toasT... Are you going insane?
Nope! That's your pup's new scent, Insane Candy Cane. Now everyday is Christmas morning... but hopefully your doggo isn’t leaving you any presents.

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