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This is a wonderful, fun, and very trendy birthday dog treat.

Instead of the normal round Birthday Cake Cookie, this Bone Shaped Gourmet Baked Dog Treat is shaped like a large bone and is designed meticulously to exhibit all the great things about a Birthday and is a wonderful addition at any Puppy Party.

A yummy nutty base with liver and only natural ingredients. Delicately Dipped in our low fat Yogurt Frosting specially designed for our Awesome Dog Treats, then lovingly decorated by hand - each Large Bone Biscuit has its own style.

They look amazing in a photo so make sure you record your happy day and share it with your friends on your socials.... It really looks amazing..... And your puppy is guaranteed to enjoy it.

Create your own memories with your furry kids today and watch them enjoy this awesome treat!!

Great for a Puppy Party or a Doggy Birthday Party.

Great as a gift for a Birthday Pup.

This treat is a hard biscuit and has some definite Dental Benefits as well!!

Made with Human Grade Quality Ingredients and NO NASTY PRESERVATIVES.

Ingredients - Whole Flour, Peanut Butter, Liver, Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural Yogurt Frosting and Sprinkles.

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