Inaba Cat Treat Juicy Bites Fish & Clam 3 Pack 33.9g

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Inaba Juicy Bites Fish and Clam

INABA are passionate about providing food that is human grade, nutrient rich and guarantees feline fun. Originating in Japan, INABA takes pride in knowing that theyve formulated the most delightfully tasty and healthy treats for your cat to enjoy.

Juicy Bites are irresistibly moist, bite-sized chicken and tuna treats seasoned with natural fish and clam flavors, green tea extract and vitamin E. No grains, preservatives or artificial colors. Each package includes three individual treat packs to maintain maximum freshness and each treat pack has two fun shapes in two different flavors to keep cats satisfied.

Key Features

Bite sized delicious soft chicken and tuna seasoned with fish and clam, treats
No grains, preservatives or artificial colors
Contains 3 packs
2 different flavours in one pack
Added Vitamin E

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