Kazoo Greyhound Softie Dog Jumper Blue 70-75cm Large

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Kazoo Greyhound Softie Jumper Blue Dog Coat Will Keep Your Pooch Warm During The Cold Winter Months
This adorable jumper has been designed especially for Greyhounds to keep them toasty and snug
Greyhounds have no undercoat, very short hair, and low body fat to keep them warm – therefore, it is extremely important that you provide your pal with a cosy jumper to keep them warm and happy all year long
The style of this jumper is also suitable for dogs with hound-shaped bodies (eg Whippets, Salukis, Italian Greyhounds and Dobermans)
The high-quality knitted material is luxuriously soft, flexible, lightweight, and breathable - a fantastic option for greyhounds who feel uncomfortable in restrictive or heavier coats
The super stretchy material is very comfy and provides freedom of movement
The trendy grey colour scheme adds some style to your dog’s attire
The fabric folds over the rear to keep the bottom warm
The long front-leg sleeves are great for keeping your greyhound’s muscles warm, especially when it’s time to run!
To top off this fantastic design, the elongated neck collar is great for keeping your greyhound’s neck warm and can be folded over to suit your dog’s length preference
Worried about toilet-breaks? This jumper tackles that problem with a convenient unisex cut underneath to allow your canine to go to the bathroom without any garment obstruction
The jumper also includes 2 thin, rear leg straps to keep the jumper in place over your dog’s bottom so they can run and play with no issues!
Easy to clean – simply machine wash in cold water
Available in various sizes to best suit your dog's shape
Designed in Australia

Washing Instructions

Machine or hand washable – gentle wash, cold water
Line dry only
Do not iron, bleach

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