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Whether they need a full body cut or a simple coat trim and clean up, these grooming scissors will have your pet looking great in no time. The long, sharp blades allow easy cutting and a smooth finish - so you can easily style your pet to pawfection!


Ensure the coat is clean, dry and tangle-free before trimming. We recommend using our slicker brush to get the coat smooth and ready to cut.
Make sure your pet is secure and can't move around too freely. You can place them on a towel to reduce mess (and catch all those hair off-cuts).
We recommend working on the large body parts, then finishing on the smaller areas. You can start at the shoulders, slowly working your way down to the tail area (but don't trim the tail yet). Once the back area is finished, move to the sides of the dog's belly and trim down the legs, use your fingers or comb as a guide.
Save the sensitive areas for last - we recommend using our round-tip finishing kit to safely trim the hair on the face, ears and between pads on the feet.


Do some research and choose a style of cut that suits your breed. You don't have to cut all of the hair to the same length. You might cut the pet's sides to finger length but the belly to half finger length.
If your pet had thick fur that you want to lighten up, you can go back over these areas with the Kazoo thinning scissors to feather the hair into varying lengths.
Make sure the scissors are sharp and oiled. Dull scissors will yank your pet's hair, causing pain and stress.
If your pet is nervous, go slowly and calmy. You can use treats and praise to build positive associations with grooming.

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