Kazoo Puppy Brush Soft

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Give your pup a lil' bit of lovin' with this Soft Puppy Brush. The soft, fine bristles gently massage the skin's natural oils, creating a healthy, tangle-free coat shine.

IDEAL FOR: Most breeds and coats


The longer 'Ball-End' bristles tenderly work to remove loose hair and debris, while the shorter soft bristles softly align and shine the coat by releasing natural oils during brushing.
Gently brush in the same direction as the coat grows. Take your time, and slowly stroke from the top of the body towards the tail.


If your dog is nervous with the brush, go slowly and calmly.
You can use treats and praise to build positive associations with grooming.
Brush regularly. It's a great way to check your pet's overall skin health and sneak in some bonding time!


Length 18cm
Width 6cm
Height 5cm

NOTE: Use extra caution on dogs with shorter hair to avoid scratching them.

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