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I really dig this Kitty peek-a-boo tunnel.

It features 3 plush lookout holes or sleeping dens, pawfect for playing Peek a Boo or having a really good cat nap.

A top-level open air bed for when I want to see what’s going on in my kingdom, and tough sisal outer walls for sharpening my claws.

And a sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play.

Honestly, I think it runs rings around my old cat bed.


* 3 x plush lookout holes or sleeping dens
* Top-level open air bed
* Sisal outer walls for scratching
* Sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play

Width: 40cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 100cm

Furniture grade plush fabric
High quality, tough-wearing sisal

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