Kitter Wood Pellet Cat Litter 15kg

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Kitter Wood Pellet Cat Litter Is Highly Absorbent And Made From Natural Wood
Absorbs liquid waste very quickly
Highly absorbent: 1 kilogram of Kitter can absorb over 3 litres of liquid waste
Made from natural wood
Naturally occurring anti-bacterial oils in the wood, assist with odour control by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause the ammonia smell often associated with litter trays
Adds a fresh, pine scent to the litter tray
No chemical additives
100% bio-degradable
Raw materials are sourced from renewable plantation timbers
Can be used with any litter tray
Using a Kitter Litter Double Tray will extend the period of use for each kilogram of Kitter, as a lesser amount of wet litter will be removed and replaced at each litter change

The effectiveness of cat litter can be enhanced by:

Feeding your cat highly digestible, quality cat diets which reduce the volume of waste produced by your cat
Regularly removing portions of soiled waste from the litter tray using a litter scoop

Directions for Use

Single Tray Litter Box

Fill a clean empty litter tray with a layer of approx. 3 cm of Kitter
Scoop out solid waste daily
Completely empty the tray and replace the Kitter regularly
After cleaning, the tray can be treated with a urine removal cleaner, before fresh Kitter is added to the tray

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