Loving Pets 2qt Double Diner 2x1900ml Stainless Steel

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Loving Pets Double Diner Stainless Steel Bowls For Dogs Are Tough Durable And Hygienic
This handy double diner gives your pet a great place to feast for every meal!
Provides your pet with both their food and water in the one spot!
The bowls are made of bacteria-resistant stainless-steel - recommended by veterinarians worldwide
The double diner has removable rubber feet to keep it firmly in one place and to prevent spills
The elevated design eliminates any annoying sliding bowl noises!
Stainless steel bowls are a safe option for your pet
Stainless steel is extremely high-quality, long-lasting, and rust-resistant
Very hygienic with a smooth surface for easy cleaning, bacteria-resistant and dishwasher safe
Stainless steel retains a like-new finish and does not deteriorate over time
The bowls are easy to remove from the base for cleaning
Extremely durable, scratch resistant and bite-proof
Safe for your pet – nontoxic and BPA free
Great for indoor and outdoor use


Base Holder: 24cm length x 13cm width x 6.5cm height
Area to hold bowl: 9.5cm diameter
Stainless Steel bowls: 11.5cm diameter (top) x 7.5cm diameter (bottom) x 4.5cm height
Holds: 240ml per bowl
Suitable for: Small dogs and cats

Base Holder: 29cm length x 15cm width x 7.5cm height
Area to hold bowl: 12cm diameter
Stainless Steel bowls: 13.5cm diameter (top) x 9.5cm diameter (bottom) x 5cm height
Holds: 450ml per bowl
Suitable for: Small breed dogs

Base Holder: 35.5cm length x 16cm width x 9cm height
Area to hold bowl: 13.5cm diameter
Stainless Steel bowls: 17cm diameter (top) x 12cm diameter (bottom) x 7cm height
Holds: 950ml per bowl
Suitable for: Medium breed dogs

Base Holder: 43cm length x 20cm width x 10cm height
Area to hold bowl: 19cm diameter
Stainless Steel bowls: 21cm diameter (top) x 15.5cm (bottom) x 8cm height
Holds: 1900ml per bowl
Suitable for: Medium-large breed dogs

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