Meaty Treaty Freeze Dried Turkey Meat Dog & Cat Treats 80g

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Make healthier treat choices for your pet with Freeze-Dried Turkey Dog Treats!
Your dog will go wild for these delicious treats! Freezy Paws turkey breast dog treats are made with a single ingredient: premium Australian-sourced turkey meat. High in lean protein and the mood-boosting amino acid tryptophan, rich in vitamins (e.g., B6, B12, and selenium), and low in fat, turkey treats are packed with nutrients and give your dog an energy and health boost throughout the day.

Freeze-Dried VS. Dehydrated Dog Treats

For pet parents who are new to freeze-dried and dehydrated pet treats, we wanted to create a small blurb here about the difference between these two types of raw food dog treats. The main contrast is the method or process of drying out raw food ingredients (e.g., meats, vegetables, fruits) to remove moisture from the foods without sacrificing nutritional value. Freeze-dried treats are made by fast-freezing raw food ingredients, then “vacuumed” to remove over 95% of moisture found in the food. Most freeze-dried treats or dog food can be rehydrated quickly compared to dehydrated pet treats/food. Dehydrated treats are made by using heat instead of below-freezing temperatures to eliminate moisture in food. Both methods, however, are used to retain maximum nutritional value and the natural state and taste of the raw food ingredients; freeze-dried dog treats tend to be more successful in this area rather than dehydrated treats.


High-value, all-natural, single-ingredient dog treats made with premium low-fat turkey meat
Completely grain-free and hypoallergenic - gentle for pets with allergies or food sensitivities
Freeze-dried to preserve the natural turkey meat taste and maximum nutritional value
Easy and convenient to use for everyday treats or training treats for puppies/adult dogs
No chemicals, GMOs, carrageenan, fillers, artificial flavours/colours or preservatives
Packed with amino acids/protein to help support muscle and tissues
Contains mood-boosting amino acid (tryptophan)
Rich in vitamins like B6, B12, and selenium
Sizes available: 80g

Ingredients: Made in Australian from Australian Turkey

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