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ENRICH your pet’s habitat NATURALLY with a MULTI BRANCH.

MULTI BRANCHES are a step up from a single branch. Multi Branches consist of MULTIPLE branches connected back to their base which has a nickel plated attachment assembly at one end. Minimal hand crafting, means that the perches retain all their original features of varying diameters, shapes and angles that keep the branch very close to it’s natural state. Multi branches can be used in the traditional horizontal way, but their positioning can be easily altered, especially with the tool-less attachment. The multi branch can be rolled into a new position, they can be shifted around your pet’s environment. They can even be hung from a ceiling or stood up vertically. Their flexibilty of uses is only limited by imagination.

The simple beauty of the Multi branches means that they can be used creatively for birds, reptiles, mammals and even aquatics. If required, the attachment assembly can be easily screwed out with pliers.

The attachment assembly resists rust and does not require tools. This means that installation and adjustment, including for maintenance purposes is easily done by hand.


SMALL 1 to 3 dia x 25 to 35 long – Budgie, Peachface

MEDIUM 2 to 4 dia x 35 to 45 long – Cockatiel, Lorikeet

LARGE 3 to 5 dia x 40 to 50 long – Galah, Eclectus, African Grey

X LARGE 4 to 6 dia x 45 to 55 long – Macaw, Cockatoo

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