Passwell Complete Lorikeet Food

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Nutritionally balanced diet for lorikeets and lories.

Key Features
Excellent Nutrition: Enriched with essential amino acids (lysine, methionine), omega-3 & 6, vitamins & minerals.
Improved Health: High-quality protein for good feather and body condition. Moderate iron & vitamin A levels reduce the risk of dietary overload.
Calculated Feed Guidelines: To minimise waste and prevent over-feeding.

Vet Recommendation
I have been using Passwell Complete Lorikeet on my pet Rainbow Lorikeet Cosmo for 14 years. – Dr Colin Walker BvSc MACVSc (Avian Health), Melbourne Bird Vet Clinic.

Feed dry, or mix with warm water to a desired consistency. Always ensure that fresh drinking water is available. Remove soiled or uneaten food daily. Captive birds are prone to over-eating, so feed according to body weight, based on the guidelines below.

Breeding Lorikeets
Increase feed quantity by up to 50% and supplement with Parrot Soft Food or Finch Soft Food.

Wild Lorikeets
Ration daily feed to no more than 3g (? scoop) per bird per day. Limit feeding frequency to reduce dependence on the food. Thoroughly clean feed containers between feeds. Transmission of disease and the presence of predators can be problems at feed stations. An alternative to feeding is to plant flowering native shrubs and provide fresh water.

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