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Pet One?s Your First Chicken Kit will keep your chicks happy and healthy. The nursery provides protection and a comfortable environment for chicks up to six weeks of age.

Kit includes: an enclosure, ceramic heat lamp, heat lamp reflector, drinker and feeder you will be ready to raise chicks in no time!

Features & Benefits:

The included ceramic heat lamp and heat lamp reflector will assist with keeping the chicks warm and comfortable in their surroundings.
The poultry gravity feeder is designed with anti-flick fins to prevent food wastage and includes an anti-perch lid that acts as a cover to prevent food from becoming wet or stale.
The poultry gravity drinker is easy to take a part and clean. With a twist lock base, it prevents water from spilling.
Easy access top opening.
Easy to clean plastic base and secure wire mesh cover.
Wire clips secures the wire frame to the base of the enclosure.
Your First Hatchling Kit can hold up to six chicks at one time.

Suitable for: Chicks & Ducklings

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