Petsafe Spray Control Citronella Refill Can 85g

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This Spray Control Citronella Refill can works with all PetSafe Spray products including Bark Control and Remote Training.
Key Features

200 spray refills per can
Environmentally friendly

Compatible with any PetSafe spray Bark Control Collar or spray Remote Trainer (Excluding: PDT19-16397 & PBC19-16370)

How to refill your pet's citronella spray collar:
Step 1. Hold your pet's collar module on a steady surface with the inlet valve facing upwards
Step 2. Hold the PetSafe Citronella can upside down and insert the stem into the inlet valve on the module
Step 3. Push the can down firmly for 15 to 20 seconds to eject the citronella spray into the collar module

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