Petway Petcare Wicked White Shampoo 500ml

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Petway Petcare Wicked White Whitening & Stain Removal is a dog whitening shampoo for white coat breeds. The shampoo for white dogs contains a specially formulated blue coloured stain removing agent within the shampoo not only whitens the coat, but also removes dirty stains, tear, urine, and licking stains. This Whitening Shampoo For Dogs contains a special formula that won’t leave your dog with any oily or residual build-up on their coat or any blue/grey stains instead it will leave your dog looking clean with a refreshing baby powder scent.

Petway Petcare Wicked White Whitening & Stain Removal is ideal for all breeds of dogs that have white coats including: Chihuahuas, Bichon Frise’s and Poodles. It can be used on dogs with sensitive skin and coats that are prone to dandruff or shedding problems as this shampoo contains no harsh chemicals such as ammonia or peroxide which can irritate these types of coats.

Petway Petcare Wicked White Whitening & Stain Removal is perfect for use in conjunction with other products from our range such as Petway Petcare’s Aroma Care Conditioner

More Information:

For use on animals with white coats, white patches or stained coat
Concentrated formula
Formulated using pure deionised water
Naturally based
pH balanced
Soap Free
Free of phosphates, parabens, sulphate, bleach and enzymes
Low allergen fragrance
Environmentally responsible
Not tested on animals

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