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Duck& Sweet Potato

A Novel Protein diet made with whole Australian Duck
and sweet potato, provides a low GI energy source,
which can help dogs with diabetes. Whole duck provides
essential dietary elements – calcium, glucosamine,
chondroitin and EFAs.
Duck & Sweet Potato is a functional fibre diet formulated to provide carefully
balanced calcium and phosphorus levels to ensure
suitablity for large breeds and growing dogs.
A completely balanced diet for dogs of all ages and
sizes, including large and giant breeds.

Ideal for:
• Dogs in need of a novel protein diet
• Large, giant breeds and growing dogs
• Healthy gut function (fibre and antioxidants)
• Excellent for energetic dogs, dogs needing to
gain weight healthily.
• Naturally rich source of iron to assist
muscle development
• Inappetent and fussy dogs.

INGREDIENTS: Australian duck (including ground duck bone), tapioca, bamboo fibre,
sweet potato, vitamins & minerals, functional oils (algae, flaxseed, evening primrose), salt,
chicory root extract, taurine, celery seed extract, natural digestive enzymes.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS PER 100G: Crude protein (min) 7.5%, crude fat (min) 11%, crude
fibre (max) 3%, moisture (max) 65%, typical ME 180kcal/100g.
DRY MATTER BASIS: Protein (min) 25%, Fat (min) 22%.

FEEDING GUIDE FOR ADULT DOGS: 200g – 300g per 10kg body weight.
Please refer to website for further feeding guides.

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