Prime100 Spd Cooked Roll Lamb & Rosemary 2kg * Store Pick Up Or Local Delivery Only *

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Keeping your dog in prime condition is as easy as filling their bowl with Prime 100.

Made right here in Australia, Prime 100 is simple, healthy dog food that’s filled with all-natural, totally fresh ingredients. And – maybe most importantly – dogs simply can’t resist it.

Easy to serve and store, Prime 100's selection of cooked food rolls contain a wealth of minerals, vitamins and so much more, all carefully selected to bring out the absolute best in your dog, one bowl at a time.

Made in Australia

Grain free, gluten free, preservative free, low allergen formula

Single protein diet (SPD) helps prevent food sensitivities and allergies

Suitable for dogs of all ages, but especially recommended for puppies and active dogs

Handy cooked roll is easy to serve and store in your refrigerator

Lamb and Rosemary is a rich source of natural glucosamine and calcium, for strong healthy bones. Rosemary helps your dog's digestive system and boosts the immune and circulatory systems, too

Lamb, potato starch, rosemary, vitamins and minerals, flax seed oil and salt

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