Retro Dog Bowl Hot Pink

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Size: Small
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Sturdy and colourful, these bowls come in a range of colours and sizes making them suitable for cats and dogs - big and small. With a colourful outer glossy finished melamine and stainless steel bowl insert these are not only functional but beautiful as well. This revolutionary design also includes a crescent shaped cut out on the side to help lift the bowl more readily and rubber feet to prevent spills and reduce noise. Not only that but its also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning*!

Key Features

Glossy melamine material with stainless steel bowl insert
Functional, durable and colourful
Naturally bacteria resistant
Rubber feet to prevent skids and spills
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
*Suitable for top racks only.


Small- holds up to 400ml

Medium- holds up to 800ml

Large- holds up to 1.6L

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