Rocky Point Aniwood 70ltr Wood Shavings * Store Pick Up Or Local Delivery Only *

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100% pure kiln dried untreated timber

Rocky Point AniWood Wood Shavings is an ideal animal bedding in the equestrian, poultry and pet industries due to their hygienic nature, high absorbency and slow break down rate. Made from kiln dry untreated plantation pine timber, this makes them a safe and sustainable choice for your pets.

AniWood has been screened and dust extracted making them a soft, comfortable material for your animals to bed on. AniWood Wood Shavings have an all-natural pine odour, they minimise caking and sticking to sides of animal pens.

These shavings once finished with, can also be reused on your home garden as mulch adding organic fertilisers to improve your soil.


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