Rosewood Garden Deluxe Bird Seed Feeder Large 35cm

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Rosewood Garden Bird Deluxe Seed Feeder

**** BROWN / GREEN / BLACK ****

Size: Large 35cm

Rosewood are passionate about pets, and design and develop their own pet care products to get tails wagging, keep kitties sitting pretty, and help birds, small furries and fish enjoy happier, healthier lives.

A premium quality, deluxe bird feeder that comprises of a sturdy water-tight lid, strong metal hanger, a lattice wire structure and posts for wild birds to perch on whilst they enjoy the tasty contents of the feeder. This is an attractive and fully functional addition to any bird lovers garden!

Key Features

Bird-safe materials
A range of colours
Sturdy water tight lid
Strong metal hanger and multiple posts for perching

Always make sure feeder is cleaned regularly. Native birds have a variety of dietary requirements, so we recommended doing some research to ensure you are providing a suitable diet for birds in your area.

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