Savour Life Dog Training Treats For Puppies Chicken 165g

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Puppies are sure to want to learn every trick in the book when there's delicious and nutritious Chicken Training Treats on the line!

The perfect, bite-sized treat for puppies in training, Chicken Training Treats are made from delicious Australian chicken, which is an excellent option for fussy dogs, or pooches who struggle with sensitivities to other protein sources. Made from natural ingredients, without any artificial colours of flavours, these mouth-watering treats come enriched with DHA GOLD for cognitive and retinal development, and contain sweet potato for a rich source of beta carotene which supports healthy bone growth, skin health, and eyesight. Chicken Training Treats are also low in fat and salt to protect that little puppy waistline.

SavourLife is an Australian owned and operated company that produces only the finest food and treats for dogs while donating 50% of their profits to pet rescue organisations throughout Australia.

Ideal training treat for puppies
Made with real Australian chicken which is perfect for fussy or sensitive pups
Enriched with DHA GOLD for cognitive and retinal development
Contains sweet potato for a rich source of beta-carotene which supports bone growth, skin health, and eyesight
Low in salt and fat
50% of profits go to Australian pet rescue organisations
Ingredients: Chicken, Tapioca, Rice Flour, Glycerine, Gelatin, Sweet Potato, Salt, Natural Flavour, Potassium Sorbate, DHA GOLD, Essential Vitamins & Minerals.

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