Savour Life Dog Treat Chicken Biscuit 500g

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Savour Life is an Australian company that produces a range of premium Australian made dog treats. Not only do these treats contain no aritifical flavours, colours or preservatives, but for every pack purchased Savour Life donate half the proceed to dogs all over Australia currently waiting for adoption in rescue shelters.

Each pack includes a unique code, that allows you to login to the Savour Life website and view the dog that is directly benefitting from your purchase.

So not only is your dog getting a nutritious, protein packed treat, but you're directly helping less fortunate pooches in pounds all over the country. And that's a win/win situation by anyones standards !

Features of the SavourLife Biscuit Range :
All natural; contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
Crunchy texture to help maintain good oral health.
Wholegrain Linseed for a natural boost in Omega 3 & 6 acid to help maintain coat lustre.
Helps dogs in need all over Australia

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