Savour Life Dog Treat Salmon Biscuit 425g

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Delightfully crunchy and irresistibly fishy, dogs can't get enough of these Australian, Grain-Free Salmon Biscuits.

Made from delicious salmon for a rich source of protein and omega oils, these delicious biscuits offer a welcome boost of nutritional support which nourishes the skin and coat while helping to maintain overall health and wellbeing. With a strong aroma that makes for a particularly tempting training reward, these crunchy biscuits also help to support dental hygiene with every bite.

Every animal deserves a home. That's why 50% of SavourLife's profits go to pet rescue organisations.

Offers a natural boost of protein and omega oils to the diet
Helps support dental health
Promotes a healthy and shiny coat
Delicious scent for an extra tempting reward during training
50% of profits go to pet rescue organisations

Ingredients: Tapioca, peas, salmon, peanut butter, sugar, salmon oil, salt, linseed, egg powder, apple pure, glucosamine, citric acid, white distilled vinegar, natural antioxidants, vegetable oil and rosemary extract

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