Sporn Marrow Bone Dog Chews Large

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Maintain your dog's dental health with the help of the Sporn Marrow Bone Dog Chew. The bone has an appealing marrow bone flavour that your dog will love while the tiny bristles on the Sporn Marrow Bone Dog Chew will help to clean the teeth while being chewed on and also prevent the build up of tartar. Besides cleaning teeth, the bone is safe and fun and satisfies your dogs natural need to chew, thereby keeping them occupied when bored and reducing destructive behaviour.

Helps maintain your dogs dental health

Safe and fun to chew

Filled with Marrow Bone flavour all dogs will love

Tiny bristles to help clean the teeth while being chewed

Prevents tartar build up

Satisfies your dogs natural need to chew

Keeps them busy and entertained & reduces destructive behaviour

Dimensions 19x4x2.5cm

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