Tidbits Dog Treats Carob Buttons 250g

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Carob Buttons Dog Treats

TidBits dog training treats look and sound so delicious, weve considered having a nibble ourselves! Designed to be totally mouth-watering, these treats are excellent for training and encouraging good behaviour in your dog.

These Carob Buttons are free from theobromine, a compound found in cocoa that is toxic to dogs, making them a safe and delicious way to treat your dog. Rich in calcium, iron, protein and fibre, these treats benefit your dogs health while also showing them just how much you love them!

Formulated to be extra tasty for training and reinforcement
Free from theobromine, a compound found in regular chocolate that is toxic to dogs
Rich in calcium, iron, protein and a good source of fibre
Directions: These treats are designed for intermittent or supplementary feeding and do not constitute a complete and balanced diet. Always have fresh clean drinking water available.

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